Turn on/off Wifi using Keyboard shortcut

Mac users can turn on/off Wifi using option available as part of the Menu bar. Add quick action in Automator app Launch Automator app on your mac and choose Quick Action. Choose action as “Run Shell Script” then set Workflow receives to “no input” and set it to run for for any application and select […]

How to know the size of the folders in iCloud

If you are using Apple iCloud, the folder sizes are not shown by default when they are not downloaded to your Mac. Doing the following will show all the folder size whether they are downloaded or present only in iCloud. Using Finder, Access the iCloud drive. Navigate to folder in iCloud drive. As you can […]

Errors were encountered while preparing your device

One of the common error that occurs in Xcode is “Error were encounted while preparing your device for development. Please check the Devices and Simulators Window.” I have noticed this error after Mac OS update or Xcode app update Trying the following Restart your device, Close Xcode and try re-running the Xcode project. Sometimes after […]

Add line numbers in Word 2013, Word 2010 and Word 2007

Microsoft Word users can add line numbers to a word document using the options available as part of Page Layout menu. In this tutorial we will see the steps for adding line number in Word 2013 and Word 2011 for Mac. How to add line numbers in Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013 and Word […]

Swift – Beginners Tutorial

Swift is the latest programming language released by Apple for developing OS X and iOS apps. Best of C and Objective-C Adopts safe programming patterns and modern features Supports Playground, a tool for seeing the result immediately. Provides access to Cocoa libraries and can work in conjunction with Objective-C Combines Procedural and Object-Oriented programming. No […]

payworks SDK integration in Swift

payworks mPOS helps app developers to integrate their App with card reader. In this tutorial, we will see a sample app that integrates payworks mPOS using Swift. Download the source code from github Select New Project and choose Single View Application from the template. In the Project Options window, provide a product name and make […]

How to reduce size of document with images in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word provides users with the option to reduce the file size of the document with images. In this tutorial, we will see the technique of reducing the file size in Word 2013 and Word 2011 for Mac. Reduce images size in Word 2013 Word 2013 users can use the Compress Pictures option available as […]

Insertion Sort

Insertion Sort algorithm does the following Keeps the sorted numbers from left to right. Compares the left with right and interchanges the number if left is greater than right. Here is code snippet of Insertion Sort in Swift. [code language=”swift”]var inputArr:[Int] = [Int]() // generate random numbers for rIndex in 0..<10 { inputArr.append(((Int(arc4random()) % 100))) […]