Create Search Folder with Criteria in Outlook

Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010 have feature known as Search Folder which allows users to create new search folder for displaying messages based on criteria. For example a search folder can be created to include all follow up flags and unread messages.

Click the Folder menu option in Outlook Office Ribbon then navigate to the New section. If you want to create a search folder that would list all the message with text Spam then click the New Search Folder. This would display

Outlook 2010 New Folder

the following New Search Folder window. Then navigate to Custom section and select Create a custom Search Folder. To specify the criteria for the search

Outlook 2010 New Search Folder

folder, click the Choose button and enter the name for your Custom Search Folder then Browse and select folder from which the mails will be included for Search Folder.

Note :- This feature can do a search of only one mail account. If you have more than one mail account configured in your Outlook then you will have to create separate Custom Search Folder for individual mail accounts.

Outlook Custom Search Folder

Clicking the Criteria button would then display the following Search Folder Criteria window. Enter “Spam” in Search for the word(s) field and click on OK button to save the entered Criteria.

Outlook 2010 Search Folder Criteria

Confirm the action by clicking OK button on Custom Search Folder window and New Search Folder window. Now a new search folder “Spam” will be available in Navigation Pane under the Search Folders with list of message containing the text Spam.

Outlook 2010 Search Folders


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