How to change the number email messages displayed in Yahoo mail

The number of email messages displayed per page in a Yahoo email can be changed using the Mail Options. Click on the Options link available on the top of the right hand side. Select Mail Options from the menu list.


In the General Page, using the Messages/results per page field you can increase or decrease the number of email messages displayed per page.


The list of available values are


After selecting the required value, click on the Save Changes link available on Top of the General section. By this way you can change the display of email messages per page in Yahoo Mail.


8 responses to “How to change the number email messages displayed in Yahoo mail”

  1. There is no messages/page option

  2. Also my FILE command is gone from the upper left

  3. There is no message/page option. What do I do now?????

  4. Ravi Shankar Avatar
    Ravi Shankar

    The new Yahoo mail interface does not provide this option.

  5. There is none of this, why do people keep lying about this?

  6. There seems to be no ‘options’ button with the new version and this is making me crazy!

  7. ‘Cause ya used to be able to change # of mails per page, but yahoo don’t let ya no more…I’t SUCKS!!!

  8. I don’t have that. I don’t have any mail options. So what do I do now?

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