The best way to practice a new language is to write more programs using that language. Here is a Bubble Sort program written in Swift Programming language.

Data to be sorted = {12, 56, 32, 23, 67, 87, 45, 23,10, 11}

Bubble Sort

Bubble Sort is performed by comparing two number starting from the left and swapping the greater number to the right. And then moves one position to right until end.

Bubble Sort in Swift

This has a function named swapNumbers for swapping the values of array for the given two indexes. Then the for loop that compares the two numbers starting from left to right and uses swapNumbers function to swap the values if the left is greater than right.

var inputArr = [12,56,32,23,67,87,45,23,10,11]

func swapNumbers(index1 :Int,index2: Int) {

let temp = inputArr[index1]

inputArr[index1] = inputArr[index2]

inputArr[index2] = temp


for var index: Int = inputArr.count1; index > 1; –index {

for var jIndex: Int = 0; jIndex < index; ++jIndex {

if inputArr[jIndex] > inputArr[jIndex + 1] {

swapNumbers(jIndex, jIndex+1)





Here is the Swift code tested in Playground, you can see the sorted results in the sidebar

Bubble Sort in Swift Programming language


2 responses to “Bubble Sort”

  1. I get the whole thing to work with out any errors but I can’t get it to display my sorted data. I have everything the same but once I type inputArr after the end function bracket nothing happens. It displays how many times it took to sort everything but not the completed array. I am on beta 5 not sure if that makes a difference or not but any help would be great.

  2. @Nate: You should edit this line:
    for var index: Int = inputArr.count-1; index > 1; –index {
    for var index: Int = inputArr.count-1; index > 1; –-index {

    The author made a typos.

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